Natural Remedies and Keepsakes

Simple Placenta Capsules ––  £200


Your placenta is simply dehydrated (at temperatures that ensure it is safe to consume), then encapsulated! This method tends to yield 10-15% more capsules, and mothers have reported a more immediate boost of energy after taking them.

Steamed Placenta Capsules ––  £200


The placenta is steamed with lemon, ginger and chilli before being dehydrated and encapsulated. This is loosely based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and is believed to promote circulation and absorption.


Placenta Tincture ––  £60


Placenta Tincture is made from a piece of placenta, steeped in alcohol making a strong remedy over 6 weeks.  It is said that placenta tincture is used to balance emotional, mental and psychological wellbeing and may also be very beneficial for treating PMS and menopause. Stored correctly, it will last indefinitely!


Placenta Essence ––  £50


The Placenta "Mother" Essence. A small piece of placenta is steeped in distilled water for 4 hours in natural sunlight before being combined with equal parts  alcohol. A great all-round remedy!



Placenta Smoothie ––  £35


A delicious, nutritious smoothie that tastes nothing of placenta, pinky promise! Smoothies need to be made within 24hrs of birth and consumed straight away, and are made using a piece of placenta, fruit and milk/water of your choice! Mother’s report that they taste amazing and are a lovely refreshing boost post-birth!


Placenta Oil ––  £40


A nourishing skin oil, infused with your dehydrated placenta powder. External use only.


Framed Cord Keepsake ––  £30


Package One ––  £250


  • Steamed or Simple Capsules

  • Placenta Oil

  • Framed Cord Keepsake


Package Two ––  £290


  • Steamed or Simple Capsules

  • Tincture 

  • Placenta Oil

  • Framed Cord Keepsake


Package Three ––  £330


  • Steamed or Simple Capsules

  • Placenta Tincture 

  • Placenta Essence

  • Placenta Oil

  • Framed Cord Keepsake