What can you expect from us?

How many capsules can I expect to get from my placenta?


An average placenta can yield between 80 and 160 capsules, but it will mostly depend upon the size of your placenta and the method you choose. A steamed placenta will yield fewer capsules, as steaming causes the placenta to shrink slightly. 


How does the service work and what do we need to do?


Jade’s aim is to make the process as stress-free as possible! When you book and pay the £50 non-refundable deposit, we send out your chiller pack- this includes all the equipment and advise sheets you and your healthcare provider will need to safely store your placenta after birth. All you need to do is take it to hospital with you on the day (or keep it somewhere handy for your home birth!) We will be on call to collect your placenta as soon as possible after you've given birth. Your remedies will then be returned to you within 2-3 days!


How far in advance do I need to book?


We’ve had people call after their baby has been born to book in before! Ideally a few weeks notice gives us time to get your chiller pack out to you, but if you go into labour and decided there and then, get in touch! We’ll always try to accommodate last minute bookings! A £50 non-refundable deposit will secure your booking. 


How do I know my placenta is safe to eat?


We follow a strict food safety management system and Jade is qualified in Food Hygiene, HACCP and Infection Control. All equipment is sterilised after use with certified products. At all times, your placenta is clearly labelled with your details and only one placenta is processed at a time. Jade is a midwife of 13yrs and is competent at the safe handling and preparation of your placenta! 


Are there any reasons I can’t have placenta remedies?


There are a few circumstances and conditions that would mean we cannot process your placenta remedies- this includes if your placenta hasn’t been stored correctly (we provide all the packs and information so this is rarely an issue), if you are a smoker, and if you have a confirmed uterine infection in pregnancy/labour. We send out a comprehensive guide covering common health conditions and whether your placenta will be suitable for encapsulation, and you are always welcome to contact us with any queries!


Can I have a water birth and have my placenta encapsulated?


Absolutely, as long as the placenta is birthed out of the water. This doesn’t mean you need to get out of the pool though, you can stand up and the midwife can collect the placenta into the sterile bowl in her birth kit!


Can I have the injection to assist the placenta’s birth and have it encapsulated?